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Welcome to PBSGL

Welcome to the Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) home page of the GP CPD website.

PBSGL is an innovative approach to CPD for GPs that originated in Canada and has grown rapidly in Scotland over the last seven years. Over 25% of all GPs in Scotland are now involved in PBSGL and the number continues to grow.

These pages host all the information you need to know about the PBSGL programme in Scotland. Please take a look through, make best use of this rich resource and do get in touch with us if you have any queries by e-mailing

SAVE THE DATE - 2015 Annual PBSGL Conference

The 2015 Annual PBSGL conference will be held at the Stirling Court Hotel (formerly Stirling Management Centre) on 28th May 2015.  All welcome.  Further details will be circulated nearer the time.

Recently published modules:

Multimorbidity - March 2015, Scottish Module: Modules that cover a range of clinical topics

Hot Topics: Haematology - February 2015, Scottish Module: Endocrinology/Haematology

Dementia - January 2015, Scottish Module: Mental Health

Results Handling - January 2015, Scottish Module: Patient Safety

Anticipatory Care Plans - November 2014, Scottish Module:  Modules that cover a range of clinical topics

Hot topics - Geriatrics - July 2014, Scottish Module: Modules that cover a range of clinical topics

Chronic Pain - Part 1 - Assessment and Self Management - June 2014, Scottish Module: Neurology

Chronic Pain - Part 2 - Pharmacological Management & Review of Patients - June 2014, Scottish Module: Neurology

Asthma in Children - June 2014, Scottish Module: Respiratory & Paediatrics

Post Menopausal Symptoms - June 2014, Tartanised Module: Genito-Urinary/Obs & Gynae

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Key links for facilitators:

New Member Registration Form

On-line log sheet

Individual Reflection Sheet

Paper based log sheet

Sample Module